ZoomIt – For Presenters


       I was amazed when I see venkat_s and others zooming their screen (or part of the screen) during demo @ GIDS. This made me to search for a similar tool for windows. Continue reading



Though I am blogging about the stuff after a day, things remain are fresh in my mind. For the first time I traveled in a sleeper class, Bus 🙂 . The travel started with a new experience, so my instinct says that I will have many more new and fresh experience for the next two days in conference. Continue reading

JQuery Tip – 1


In the recent days, I am some obsessed by JQuery. Almost all problems I try to solve in JavaScript itself, yep off-course using JQuery. It is not long time back, I wanted to take every problem to the backend (java) to get it solved. I should appreciate JQuery here. Continue reading