Solaris killing process in bulk

[Update: 26-Nov-2010]: Commands pgrep and pkill do exactly the same in a more easier way. Refer here

Some times I am forced to kill a process due to various reasons. Most of the times, it won’t be a single process, it will be a group of process with the same name. Say like you want to kill all the java process running on your system. The nasty way is to check all the process Id of the java process, using ‘ps –ef | grep java’ then doing kill -9 <process ID>, for each process (if there is no parent process). Continue reading


All my gadgets are outdated :(

I was shocked on reading  Hope your gadgets too will be outdated soon 🙂

Command to remove ^M characters


                This blog entry is for those who are frustrated by removing ^M (Control M) characters. Usually ^M character will appear in the end of each ASCII file that is transferred from DOS to *NIX based system. Have a look at to know the reason for the same. Continue reading

Generics against intuitions

Hope all of you would know the Generics in java 5. If so, can you try to locate the error in the below program, that leads to the follwing compilation error

– The method testMethod(List<Map<String,String>>) in the type OverloadingTest is not applicable for the arguments  (ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>>) Continue reading