IDE for page development


        As we all know an IDE (Integrated development Environment) will really ease our work. With the help of an IDE, many things become automated (work behind the scenes). Continue reading


Experience with OSI Tech Days

       It’s my long term wish/aim to present on a topic in conference. When I have been to Sun Tech Days – 2007 I was excited about the environment and the knowledge the speakers possess.  My wish/aim came true today, Karthik, Lakshmi, Suren & Me presented @ Open Source Tech days – 2009. The talk is all about open source tools that can be used to do an effective coding on java. The tools that we cover today are the one that we use day in and day out. You can view the complete agenda here.

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Solaris command to find permission in octal value

           In a shell script that I wrote some time back, I need to change the permission of an executable and then revert it back when the script ends. I decided to do this in using “chmod” command. But the problem arises when I need to find the permission value in octal. “ls –l” gives the permission in rwx format.  So I raised a query in sun forums, luckily I got reply from wrobbins2 explaining about the “pkgproto” command which does the work perfectly,

  Usage: /usr/bin/pkgproto filename

Thanks wrobbins !!