Netbeans vs Eclipse

Among java technology users, popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) would be Eclipse and NetBeans. Other IDEs worth mentioning here are JCreator, Intelli J IDEA and many more.  I have been using NetBeans for almost 2.5 years, currently I am migrating to Eclipse. Continue reading


Different Experience

I am so reluctant to write for last few days. I remember of a saying “When you don’t listen to your sub-conscious mind, it will become weak and never obeys you”, so started writing on this. We had our dinner @ Seasons, lowest floor of the highest building (in Chennai). A different experience, nothing more to say. Better experience than Barbeque Nation, Chennai. Continue reading

Hi Bloggers !!

Hey !! This is my first attempt on blogging !! Just thought of blogging something daily, lets see how that goes in a long run. Will two lines work out for a post, yep !! It should as publish is button is “enabled” 🙂 Thousands of options available in this wordpress, will take thousand days to know all this. But the better would be to write thousand post and learn it. Thought my content doesn’t help anyone, it atleast increases my typing speed and ENGLISH too 😉 Ok Let me stop bugging you here and meet you guys in next post, with really a good data !!