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Adding buttons to JQGrid toolbar

As I have wrote in my previous article, JQGrid is one of the most powerful JQuery plug-ins used in creation of grids. Though JQGrid provides most of the functionality out of box, there are certain things for which we might need to extend. I came across one such requirement a week before.

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10 JQGrid Tips learned from my experience

For the past few days I have been working with JQGrid, one of the most powerful JQuery plug-in.  To give an outline, JQGrid helps us to create a grid with ease. The power of JQGrid comes from the fact that almost all the needs for a grid are addressed using simple tunable options. JQGrid can be downloaded from  JQGrid has a good documentation available at Also most of the JQGrid options are demonstrated well in In spite of these well written documents, there are times I spent digging JQGrid source code for some customization needs. I also strongly feel that most of my co-workers might need the same at some point of time, so thought of blogging (documenting) for further reference.

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