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My name is Veerabahu. I have been in Tamil Nadu (South India) for the last 25 year, I mean from my birth, 26 Aug 1983. Born in Tirunelveli, done my schooling in various parts of South Tamil Nadu.  After my schooling, I completed my B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering, Anna University For the last 4 years working with a renowned Indian Company. My interest and hobbies goes much in to my official work.  In this blog I am aiming to write things that excite me, things (I hope) that will help others. This will be mostly on my areas of interest, majorly on Java (and it’s siblings), *nix systems, NMS, SNMP  

That's Me

That's Me

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I hope you enjoy your stay and come back again


2 Responses

  1. Hello Vee…

    I am dblackherod and I just read your post on JQGrid tips from your experience.

    I have a problem trying to create a custom formatter for columns in a mysql db whose record entries are stored as serialized arrays. (ex. a:6:{s:4:”1PA1″;s:1:”1″;s:4:”1PA2″;s1:”1″; [etc] ;})

    I don’t even know how to begin.

    What I intend to do is deserialize the array and present its keys as a dropdown options while its values are editable via a tiny textbox.

    I would be very glad when we start communicating to achieve this objective.

  2. hi….am new to jqgrid and am having trouble to understand it all by going to the official website…can you guide me to some tutorial where i can get to understand it better and make efficient use of the grid???thanx

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