JQuery Tip – 3: Custom JQuery Selector

       Though JQuery comes with a bunch of selectors, there are situation where we need to have additional functionality. JQuery has provided the interface using which we could harness our selector with the already available selectors. In this blog we are going to see 4 easy steps to do the same. Continue reading


JQuery Tip – 2: filter vs find

Those of us who are already familiar with JQuery would have been taken aback with the breadth of available selectors. Instead of boring you through the list of already familiar JQuery selectors, I thought of comparing the two JQuery selectors (functions) Filter and Find in this blog. I got this intent, since JQuery doc for filter too doesn’t have this subtle difference, IMHO. Continue reading

HighLight For JavaScript Shell

At GIDS WWW, I was fortunate to attend “A Two-Pronged Approach to Debugging AJAX”, by Venkat_S. As I made a point in my GIDS WWW blog, I got to know about certain new tools that I haven’t used as a JavaScript developer. One such tool is JavaScript Shell. Continue reading

Finding IPAddress belongs to same subnet

             We (me, Sree Pratheep, Parthi) along with some of our friends will usually go out for Sunday dinner. Last week Senthil joined us and made the dinner a special occassion:).We went to Tummy Full @ Velachery, Chennai, India. As a regular trend, they too have some puzzles in the table paper to be solved. But these guys went a step ahead and provided us with a Pencil, awesome perfect customer engagement!! This kindled my thought Continue reading