Though I am blogging about the stuff after a day, things remain are fresh in my mind. For the first time I traveled in a sleeper class, Bus 🙂 . The travel started with a new experience, so my instinct says that I will have many more new and fresh experience for the next two days in conference.  We came to the guest house around 5:00 AM. Fortunately/unfortunately the guest house warden knows only Kannada and Hindi 🙂 So, it took me 15-20 min to communicate him that we are coming from HCL and we need a room for 2 days 🙂 But at last I did it!!

   We started to J N Tata Auditorium in a City Taxi (call taxi) around 8AM after a snap. From a Bangalore map in our hotel, we learnt J N Tata Auditorium, is in Yeshwantpur 15-20 Kms away from Koramangala, where we stay. After our registration process (a long Q for this) I headed to “Four Integration Layers in Emerging Computing Cloud – Ramesh Loganathan”. Loganathan , is telling about the abstractions and distribution that makes “Cloud computing” a challenging fact in real life. Though most of the things are Greek and Latin for me, I grasped the key words like, “HUB and Spoke, Web as Hosted Model, ESB model” that worth reading in the future. After our refreshment, I followed to Grails session. This is really an interesting eye opener on how Grails could reduce our development time period in agile development model. I am so fascinated about this, which kindles me to attend Venkat yet another session on Ajax debugging (more of JavaScript debugging). Though the second session (Ajax debugging) is good, most of it is already known / tried. IMO in these kind of conferences we need to attend on topics that we know not more than 30% so that we could get more buzz words and will be a having good time in learning those (if I do 😉 ). From this I dived directly in to “RIA”, Rich Internet Application using Adobe technologies. Adobe, has a bagful of technologies like Flex, Flash lite, Flex Catalyst to develop RIA application. Suresh/Gopi attended a session on Advanced RIA development, in which Adobe evangelist have showcased 3D animation using Paper Vision.

    Enough “Food for Thought”!! Now it’s time for “Food For Stomach”. Yep went to have our lunch. Like whole varieties of technologies they also had whole variety of food. Had a little from most of the vegetarian items 🙂

   Keeping in mind the next session will be a “graveyard session*”, I went to a live session SAAS, “Software As Application Service” to keep me alive. In this session 8k miles people are talking about promoting development environment as a service in cloud. 8k miles cloud is built on top on Amazon EC2 cloud. So they have 99.6% uptime SLA. This session is interesting and an eye opener to different things that could be done on Cloud.

   That’s it, when it comes to www GIDS session(s). I still need to get comments about other session from my fellow colleagues Gopi/Suresh. I also attended couple of key notes but nothing worth mentioning here, It’s more of marketing aspects to a product. We also went to some booths, got hold brochures / CD’s after talking to some cute Bangalore girls. There are booths from most of the sponsors like Adobe, Quest Software (JProbe, Toad), Intel, IBM, JBoss, Microsoft, Collabnet, Zest, Embarcadero and many more. Let me know if you like to have the CD’s or brochures.

   It’s more technical things for the day. So started my evening with a samosa/tea along with Vivek, Prabakaran, Karunakaran. We had nice chat after a long time. The sad news here is that chat is more centered on “recession”. After an hour of chat we went to Anjappar for dinner. Back around 10:30 PM, called my friend talked for some time before going to bed.

   Getting ready for the GIDS Java, Will meet you with more updates about GIDS Java soon.

Note: I am bored to add hyperlink to each of the above session, so you can get the complete information @, excuse my laziness 😉

Long post after a long time. 

* Graveyard session – In this session we don’t know whether people are sleeping or alive  I refer sessions after lunch as graveyard session

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