GNS3/Dynamips network simulator

If you are looking for any of below mentioned “How to” then the following five minutes screen cast will help you out

  1. How to start with Dynamips/GNS3
  2. How to emulate a switch using Dynamips/GNS3
  3. How to save configuration in Dynamips/GNS3

Almost a month after updated my blog with a short screencast. Hope many more articles will flow in soon. Let us know your further questions on Dynamips/GNS3 through comments.


ZoomIt – For Presenters


       I was amazed when I see venkat_s and others zooming their screen (or part of the screen) during demo @ GIDS. This made me to search for a similar tool for windows. Continue reading

IDE for page development


        As we all know an IDE (Integrated development Environment) will really ease our work. With the help of an IDE, many things become automated (work behind the scenes). Continue reading

Incremental Code Coverage using Emma


We are working on a web based project. Due to the wide spread (and various other reason) we don’t have a complete automation for testing end-end functionality of the project. Recently, we have started using Emma to analyze the amount of code that is really being exercised. This is when we hit with a hard problem (at least from my perspective)

                How do we do incremental code coverage of a product during development – testing phase?

Continue reading