My experiences with AWS Chennai workshop

Today (10-Nov-2009) I have experienced many new things in my life. First to mention, being an inhabitant of Chennai only after five years of industry experience, today is my first day to visit Tidel Park, Chennai.  Also today I have my first time exposure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a good workshop that opened my eyes towards many new technical jargons. In this blog, I am trying to capture most of the items that are discussed today. Most of the things captured here are from my notes (or from top of my head), so they are going to be keywords rather than detailed explanations. Continue reading


Playing with REST annotations

In the last article in addition to setting up our IDE for writing REST services we have also got friendly with four basic annotations. In this article we will look in to some of the other commonly used annotations in REST. Continue reading

Getting started with REST


REST, acronym for Representational State Transfer is coined by Roy Fielding to represent architectural style of networked systems. This is not a standard but an architectural style for an application that is based on different standards like HTTP, XML, URL, MIME types.  JAX-RS specification, JSR 311 defines a set of java APIs for development of RESTful web services and RESTful java application.  Sun Jersey, JBoss RESTEasy, Apache CXF provides implementation for JSR 311. In this article we will look at the steps needed to setup Eclipse IDE for developing REST application using Jersey. We will also write our first HelloWorld service. Continue reading

4 easy steps to load Strut2InAction source

Currently I am reading Struts 2 in Action. This is my second book from Manning publication. My first book was JQuery in Action which is awesome.  As I completed the second chapter in Struts 2 I like to try out the sample HelloWorld program.  So I downloaded the source code from manning website. I am able to play with HelloWorld in few minutes by deploying (copying) the downloaded war inside Tomcat 5.5.  However I also want to make a development setup in my eclipse so that I could try out certain things after changing the downloaded source. Unfortunately I am not able to make this easily. Continue reading

5 Little known SNMP secrets of the experts

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is one of the widely used management protocol. SNMP has gained a huge advantage due to its ease of data retrieval and efficient use of network bandwidth. This blog aims to cover certain key points in SNMP (version 1 & 2c). Some of these points are not explicitly said in the SNMP RFC. Hope the concepts discussed will be a good learning experience to you Continue reading

Your purpose of using twitter

Adding buttons to JQGrid toolbar

As I have wrote in my previous article, JQGrid is one of the most powerful JQuery plug-ins used in creation of grids. Though JQGrid provides most of the functionality out of box, there are certain things for which we might need to extend. I came across one such requirement a week before.

Continue reading