Emacs tabbed view

Yesterday, I saw my friend using “tabedit” in vi. Being an emacs user, I strongly feel that this feature will be a definitive productive boom. I started to google and stumbled on a stackoverflow question. The answer by @Abdel introduced me to EIScreen. From there-on, I followed the below steps to get my emacs running with tabs

[Statutory warning: The below steps are only for impatient users, like me :), others can go through the References section]

  1. Download EIScreen from ftp://ftp.morishima.net/pub/morishima.net/naoto/ElScreen/
  2. Extract it to some location (say ~/elisp/)
  3. Add the bolded/italised line to ~/.emacs file, (load “~/elisp/elscreen-1.4.6/elscreen” “ElScreen” t)
  4. EIScreen depends on emacs-apel( A Portable Emacs Library). The link provided in EIScreen README is obsolete. So I used yum to install the package , yum install emacs-apel.
  5. Now emacs is ready for tabbed view. Take time to read through the shortcuts mentioned in EIScreen README, they are very useful.           

 Thanks to EIScreen 🙂


References: –


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