Static block initialization

Recently, my friend Chandru came up with a new problem in java.

Try solving the below problem without java.exe 🙂

public class StaticUnderstanding {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
class SuperClass {
	static {
		System.out.println("In superclass...");
	protected static void dummyMethod(){
		System.out.println("In dummy method...");
class SubClass extends SuperClass {
	static {
		System.out.println("In subclass...");

If you come with any answer other than the below, then you need to read  JLS 12.4 – Initialization of Classes and Interfaces.

In superclass…

In dummy method…

Thanks to Sai for getting this awesome data !!

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One Response

  1. Only see one option – changing SubClass:

    class SubClass extends SuperClass {
    static {
    System.out.println(“In subclass…”);

    protected static void dummyMethod() {

    Otherwise, it’s the appropriate behaviour, since the method is static, there’s no need for calling the most specific class’s static block.
    You see the difference by calling new SubClass().dummyMethod();

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