IDE for page development


        As we all know an IDE (Integrated development Environment) will really ease our work. With the help of an IDE, many things become automated (work behind the scenes). This also has disadvantage of not getting exposed to many things.  I do hear peoples saying Ctrl + F11 to run a java program and they really don’t have any clue of “java” and setting class path through command line. Anyhow, it’s up to the individual to get to know of things behind the scenes. As all, it’s really important and in a way interesting too.

         In the recent days I was more in to practicing page development using JQuery. I felt a need for an IDE that could help me out in my day to day practices. On my preliminary research, I came across Emacs + js2-mode, Notepad++, BareBones, Komodo (commercial), Aptana.  Out of this Aptana grabbed my interest for the very fact that it was developed on top of Eclipse framework. Since I am already using Eclipse for my java development, with a belief that I would get similar development environment, I have downloaded Aptana Studio.

Let me stop here and start practicing in Aptana. I will do more write-ups on using Aptana. 


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