Experience with OSI Tech Days

       It’s my long term wish/aim to present on a topic in conference. When I have been to Sun Tech Days – 2007 I was excited about the environment and the knowledge the speakers possess.  My wish/aim came true today, Karthik, Lakshmi, Suren & Me presented @ Open Source Tech days – 2009. The talk is all about open source tools that can be used to do an effective coding on java. The tools that we cover today are the one that we use day in and day out. You can view the complete agenda here.

                I woke up early in the morning.  After a light breakfast reached Chennai Trade Center by 8:10AM, 10 min late than what we planned for. Thanks God, Everyone came after that :).  Lakshmi, worked all through night to get our materials in to his Laptop, running Ubuntu.  After a quick verification of the setup we headed to the room (forgotten the name) where we are ought to present. Though there are other sessions running in parallel we got a good amount of people and some enthusiastic students too.  Suren, started on telling about the ways of verifying the functionality of our code using JUnit.  After an hour, Lakshmi started explaining on how to verify the effectiveness of our unit-test, using Code Coverage tool, Emma. Both the sessions completed by 12:00PM. I started then and put my first question,

“Do you expect to have more bugs in your module after doing an effective unit-testing using the combination of JUnit and Emma?”

As usual, enthusiast answered and we got many interesting ones. Hey, I forgot to mention that we had chocolates (5star and Dairy Milk) for good questions and answers :). I planned only to take for 30 min, but I ate Karthik’s time and had for an hour :).  So around 1:00 Karthik started on how to profile an application and rushed to end in 45 min.  

                As a whole we got a good experience and hope the same for attendees. After the session we had some informal discussion with some students most of the questions that we got are about “Recession? And will I be able to get a job in this period”. I directed those students to Lakshmi/Suren who gave them convincing answers. But my inner feeling is, if we put effort then there is no concept of recession.

See what Lakshmi is telling about OSI Tech Days Experience. Thanks God !! Let’s hope the blog is updated with my second experience at the earliest.  


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