Competitive or Comparative

You would have quite frequently heard people saying “This is a competitive world”. Is that true? I have a big question around this disquieting my mind for quite few days. Is this really a competitive world? My stand is NO, “This is not competitive world this is just a comparative world”. Does this make any sense? Rolling back in time, from my school days I am compared with other students in my class. If I perform comparatively better than others then I am going to be in first grade. This continues through my College days and even now in my job. So how come this world has became competitive when it is so much comparative. Until we are being part of the crowd, we are bound ourselves to be compared with others. This forces us to be comparatively better than others that make this world competitive.  Can we make this world less competitive by choosing our own unique path, where there is no/less crowd? I mean the road not taken.

                Cool!! Above write-up from me might sound strange from some people who know me. Yes correct, this is just a reflection of Greatness Guide, from Robin Sharma, A good book to be read at least once by everyone.  


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