Netbeans vs Eclipse

Among java technology users, popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) would be Eclipse and NetBeans. Other IDEs worth mentioning here are JCreator, Intelli J IDEA and many more.  I have been using NetBeans for almost 2.5 years, currently I am migrating to Eclipse. This movement is to have uniformity in our project setup and to use some company standard tools that has plug-in only in Eclipse like JTest,  JProbe, Agitar . I am not sure why these guys didn’t develop a plug-in for NetBeans. Is it that challenging to develop a plug-in in NetBeans? If so why NetBeans has not made that easier? I somewhere read/heard that developing Eclipse plug-in is easier compared to NetBeans plug-in.  Anyway, let me try this one later and update my experience. If you are a NetBeans user then must place for you should read is Geertjan’s Blog, I love it!! Thank you Geertjan!!

Though, there will be one thousand articles/blogs/resources discussing which IDE is better, let me take the privilege to share my experience on the same.  

Statutory Warning: This is my personal experience. Since I am novice user to Eclipse I could be wrong.  

Eclipse really lags a built-in profiler, as NetBeans have

Code completion is comparatively faster in Eclipse

Shortcuts in Eclipse are really not shortcuts, they are “long”cuts ;). Though there are ways to customize it, NetBeans factory default short cuts are handy (Yep!! I am used to it ;))

In NetBeans, while writing java code a semicolon “;” in any part of the sentence will be automatically moved to the end. Eclipse really lags this. Does anyone know a eclipse plug-in that could do this 🙂

Comparatively more seconds to run a test program in Eclipse.

Eclipse doesn’t come with any build-in application servers 😦

Eclipse Users!!

 Cool, I will make you happy once I become proficient in Eclipse IDE.  You guys let me know interesting resources like Geertjan’s Blog for Eclipse (no books 🙂 )

Will meet you soon!! With more interesting, known but undocumented facts Happy Coding till then!!!


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  1. “Eclipse doesn’t come with any build-in application servers”

    Eclipse 3.4 comes with Jetty (mainly to serve help) and the latest Webtools allows you to use this embedded Jetty server.

    Since you’re now using Eclipse a bit more… have you thought of giving Mylyn a try?

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